Past award winners

Hall of Champions

Non-nominated Awards

2019Judith O'Hearn (Swimming)
2018Phillip Deveraux (Athletics)
2017Sarah Raymond (Football – Soccer)
2016Nathan Buckley (AFL)
2015Mark Hickman (Hockey)
2015Mark Davies (Athletics)
2014James Swan (Boxing)
2013Stephen Holt (Hockey)
2012Kerry Dienhelt (Softball)
2011Michael Long (AFL Football)
2010Nova Peris OAM (Hockey & Athletics)
2009Ralph Wiese (Cricket)
2008Benny Lewfatt (Basketball & Football)
2007Maisie Austin (Basketball)
2006Rose Damaso (Softball) 
 Maurice Rioli (Football)
 Graeme McGufficke (Swimming)
 David Kantilla (Football)
 Malcolm Hill (Cycling)
 Ivy Hampton (Darts)
 Bill Dempsey (Football) 
 Steve Bowditch (Squash)
 Clive Baxter (Motor racing)
 Shayne Bannan (Cycling)
 Michael Ahmat (Basketball)

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Last updated: 16 September 2019

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