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Is your club in desperate need of more officials? You’re not alone; this is a common problem for many clubs. Being able to recruit enough officials is extremely important for clubs and associations to operate, develop and grow. Research states 80% of all sports officials begin officiating shortly after leaving their sport as a participant or started officiating while still participating in their sport.

Promote the positive aspects that YOUR club or organisation offers to volunteers:

  • Enjoyment & fun
  • For money/cash
  • Keep fit
  • To challenge yourself
  • To stay involved in the game
  • Help support and develop your sport and competition
  • To help out the team and sport
  • Help out your child’s sport and team
  • Comradery and friendship

For more information and help with volunteers, visit Volunteering Australia.

Ideas and strategies to help you recruit officials:


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Last updated: 12 August 2016

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