Paralympic Games

Achievements by Northern Territory Institute of Sport athletes who have represented Australia at the Paralympic Games. 

Athlete Sport Games Year Achievement

 Tom O’Neill-Thorne

Wheelchair Basketball  Rio de Janiero  2016  6th
 Melanie Hall Wheelchair Basketball  Beijing  2008  Bronze Medal
 Judith Green Swimming - 100m Breaststroke  Sydney  2000  Gold Medal
 Judith Green Swimming - 400m Freestyle  Sydney  2000  8th
 Melissa Dunn Wheelchair Basketball  Sydney  2000  Silver Medal
 Nadia Romeo Wheelchair Basketball  Sydney  2000  Silver Medal
 Hamish MacDonald Athletics - Discus  Sydney  2000  4th
 Hamish MacDonald Athletics - 100m  Sydney  2000  7th 
 Mark Davies Athletics - Discus  Sydney  2000  5th
 Bill Medley Wheelchair Table Tennis  Sydney  2000  
 Sam Rickard Athletics  Sydney  2000  
 Hamish MacDonald * Athletics - Shot Put  Sydney  2000  Gold Medal
 Russell Short * Athletics - Discus  Atlanta   1996  Silver Medal
 Russell Short * Athletics - Shot Put  Atlanta  1996  Silver Medal
 Sam Rickard * Athletics  Atlanta   1996   
 Mark Davies * Athletics  Atlanta   1996   

*Denotes NTIS supported athlete before official scholarships being awarded on 1 January 1997.

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Last updated: 10 May 2019