NTIS achievements

Olympic Games

This table shows the Olympic achievements of Northern Territory Institute of Sport athletes.

Athlete Sport Olympics Year Achievement
 Brooke Peris  Hockey   Rio de Janiero  2016   6th
 Joel Carroll  Hockey  London  2012  Bronze Medal
 Desmond Abbott   Hockey  Beijing  2008  Bronze Medal
 Mark Hickman  Hockey  Athens  2004   Gold Medal
 James Swan  Boxing  Sydney  2000  First Round
 Nova Peris-Kneebone  Athletics  Sydney  2000  400m Semi Final
 Kerry Dienelt  Softball  Sydney  2000  Bronze Medal
 Christine Trefry  Pistol Shooting  Sydney  2000  15th
 Henry Collins  Boxing  Sydney  2000  First Round
 Stephen Holt  Hockey  Sydney  2000  Bronze Medal
 James Swan *  Boxing  Atlanta  1996  First Round
 Nova Peris *  Hockey  Atlanta  1996  Gold Medal
 Kerry Dienelt *  Softball  Atlanta  1996  Bronze Medal
 Ian Vander-Wal *  Swimming 4 x 200m  Atlanta  1996  4th
 Ian Vander-Wal *  Swimming 4 x 100m  Atlanta  1996  6th

* NTIS supported athlete before official scholarships were awarded on 1 January 1997.

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Last updated: 12 February 2016

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