Northern Territory Institute of Sport

  • About NTIS
    The Northern Territory Institute of Sport is the NT Government's centre of sporting excellence.
  • Facilities
    Gymnasium, athletics track, sport science laboratory, recovery centre, conference room and other facilities in the Northern Territory Institute of Sport.
  • Athlete development and scholarships
    Athlete scholarship process, coach requirements, Individual Athlete Scholarships, training agreements, code of conduct, policies and guidelines.
  • Coach development and scholarships
    Direct athlete support funding for coaches of NTIS Individual Athlete Scholarship holders.
  • Coaching development eNews
    Subscribe to the coach development program eNewsletter to keep up to date with information and news.
  • Officiating development and NTIS programs
  • NTIS news
    News and achievements about NTIS athletes, coaching and officials.
  • NTIS achievements
    Achievements in Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, World Championships, Junior World Championships and the NTIS Awards.

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