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Litchfield national park

Litchfield National Park is a valuable, natural public asset. 

It is renowned for spectacular waterfalls, safe swimming and opportunities to experience the rugged landscapes of the Top End. 

The park is recognised as a premier conservation reserve for its high biodiversity and large number of species of conservation value. It protects biodiversity of local and national significance and is a key driver of tourism in the Top End and Batchelor area. 

Litchfield National Park is a premier tourist destination of the Top End, and as such, it is critical that the park continues to evolve to meet the needs and expectations of visitors by offering unique and diverse experiences.

The Litchfield National Park Experience Development Plan (3.3 mb) considers the future of Litchfield National Park, including the measures to improve the park to cater to increasing visitor numbers and deliver a high quality visitor experience. 

Proposed works will facilitate improved management of the park. The underlying principle in developing this plan is to provide a diverse range of recreation opportunities for visitors through the development and upgrade of facilities while maintaining and protecting the park's natural and cultural values. 

Works have commenced in the park and are expected to continue through to November 2016.

The proposed construction schedule shown below may be subject to change due to unforeseen factors. All efforts will be made to minimise any disruption, however access to some areas may be restricted.

For more information about the upgrades call (08) 8999 4464. For all other park related questions please call (08) 8999 4555.

Development sites

Visitor sites being developed under this plan include the following.

Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek)

A re-design of the campground will provide an enhanced experience and more camping opportunities. The site will be further improved by the construction of a new ablution block.

Termite Mounds

The site will be improved through the construction of a new toilet block, upgraded boardwalks and new boardwalks around a cathedral termite mound.

Buley Rockholes 

The existing car park will be relocated to the campground, providing for the creation of a day-use area with picnic facilities including shelters, tables, chairs and barbeques. The campground will be closed.

Tolmer Falls

This site will be upgraded with a large group function shelter providing scenic views of the park. The site will also include three smaller shelters with picnic facilities. 

The existing viewing platform will be upgraded and a new toilet block will replace the old toilet block.

Florence Falls

Day-use car parking area will be expanded to cater to more vehicles and a new coach parking area will be developed. 

The two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive campgrounds will be upgraded with more campsites and the road through the sites will be sealed. New ablution blocks will replace the toilets in the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive campgrounds. 

The walking track from the four-wheel drive campground to the plunge pool will be upgraded to provide visitors with easier access to the swimming site.

Upgrades timetable

Litchfield National Park upgrades timetable

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Last updated: 10 May 2019