Traditional Land Management

The Northern Territory Government is implementing a new policy initiative “Protecting Country, Creating Jobs”, to support Aboriginal rangers to protect the environment and create jobs.

This policy aims to recognise the role of Aboriginal ranger groups and provide enforcement powers to help manage traditional lands.

A Discussion Paper started the conversation about enforcement priorities and asked key questions of ranger groups and other stakeholders.

Discussion paper (1.0 mb)
Discussion paper (1.0 mb)

Summary fact sheet (25.1 kb)
Summary fact sheet (35.0 kb)

Discussion questions (20.7 kb)
Discussion questions (35.5 kb)

The response

Written submissions were received from a number of organisations and parks / DTC staff met with some 41 Aboriginal ranger groups between March and May 2018. Consultation enabled a thorough discussion of the issues, interests and requirements relating to enforcement powers for these groups.

Summary of Consultation and Options (194.0 kb)
Summary Brochure (8.5 mb)

Next Steps

Legal advice is being sought about legislation changes that can be made to provide for Aboriginal rangers to enforce laws. Legislation change is one part of empowering rangers. Education programs, training and developing ranger group capacity, and partnerships between ranger groups and agencies are also important.

Further Feedback

Written and verbal feedback on the initiative can be made to:

Neva McCartney

Senior Director Park Development and Strategic Projects
Parks, Wildlife and Heritage Division
Department of Tourism and Culture

PO Box 1448

Phone: 08 8999 4561
Mobile: 0428 102 574

Last updated: 10 May 2019