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The Northern Territory (NT) Government celebrates the dedicated effort and outstanding achievements of all rangers across the Territory through the annual NT Ranger Awards.
Throughout the Territory there are over 600 rangers working in a diverse range of roles within protected areas and  Aboriginal Land Trusts.
Rangers are entrusted with a broad set of responsibilities including: 

  • protecting natural areas through fire, weed and feral animal management
  • managing visitor facilities, services, safety and security
  • managing cultural heritage sites and providing environmental and heritage education.

The NT Ranger Awards recognise the significant contribution and commitment rangers make in managing the natural and cultural assets of the Territory. 

The awards aim to promote excellence, celebrating both individuals and teams.

The 2016 Northern Territory Ranger Awards are now open.

These awards showcase the outstanding efforts of those individuals throughout the Northern Territory (NT) that are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of our protected areas. 

This year, the awards have been changed slightly to include individuals and teams that are making a positive contribution to the conservation and management of protected areas throughout the NT. 

The Minister for Parks and Wildlife, Bess Price, said that while the awards have been extremely successful in promoting the work of rangers, there are others out there in the community that are also working hard to ensure the effective protection of the Northern Territory environment. 

“This year, I wanted to showcase the efforts of all individuals and teams working in conservation – rangers play a critical role in our community and they are backed up by some exceptional staff. I wanted to make sure that the efforts of these people are also recognised,” said Mrs Price. 

To enter the NT Ranger Awards 2016 complete the online nomination form.


Nominations are called for the following categories:

  • NT Ranger Award for Outstanding Environmental Achievement
  • NT Ranger Award for Commitment to Partnerships and Diversity
  • NT Ranger Award for Outstanding Team Effort
  • NT Ranger Award for Innovation in Protected Areas Management
  • NT Ranger Award for Leadership in Protected Areas Management.

The awards celebrate the professional commitment of all staff working in protected areas management – and includes outstanding environmental achievements, innovation in planning and carrying out work, leadership, on-ground efforts, and commitment to working with partners and stakeholders to achieve outcomes.

Nomination criteria

To be nominated, you should show outstanding qualities in your chosen area of practice and commitment to the management of protected areas.

The selection panel will be looking for specific qualities including:

  • respect
  • accountability
  • diversity
  • innovation
  • integrity
  • inclusivity.

For more information about the selection criteria and process, read the question and answer sheet (129.5 kb).

Decisions made by the selection panel and the Minister for Parks and Wildlife are final.

Conditions of nomination

The awards are open to any individual working in protected areas management in the NT. This includes apprentices trainees, school based apprentices and those working on country. 

Nominees must work in land and sea management including government and non-government managed protected areas, Aboriginal Land Trusts and other areas managed primarily for natural and cultural resource management outcomes.

Anyone can nominate – we welcome nominations from any member of the community. 

The panel may contact referees and those who have submitted a nomination to get more information about the individual or team that has been nominated. 

All nominations will be assessed by a selection panel. Assessments and recommendations made by the selection panel will be forwarded to the Minister for Parks and Wildlife for final decision.

Conditions of acceptance

Nominations close on Friday 27 May 2016.

If you are a finalist, you may need to speak with the media and/or other groups about your nomination.

More information

For more information, phone (08) 8999 4555 or email

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Last updated: 28 November 2017