Statement of heritage value - Richardson Park, Darwin

Richardson Park is a sporting field located in the suburb of Ludmilla in Darwin. It was identified in the mid-1950s by the Rugby League community in Darwin as a suitable ‘home’ for Rugby League, and it was established through the efforts of that community, with little or no assistance from the Government. Competition games were played there from 1964, but problems with salt intrusion meant that it had to be temporarily abandoned.

Rugby League returned to Richardson Park in 1969, and from then until at least 2010 it can rightly be said that it was ‘the home of Rugby League’ in Darwin. NT representative teams played international teams at the ground on several occasions, including a game against the French in 1964, and games against British teams in 1970, 1974, and 1984.

A new grandstand was built in 1979 and named the ‘Geddes Stand’ after former player and administrator Frank Geddes. This grandstand was extended in the 1990s and had a seating capacity of over 1000.

There are members of the Rugby League community in Darwin who have a strong association with Richardson Park.

Richardson Park was named after Lucius Lawrence D’Arcy (‘Bill’) Richardson (1903-1971), who was a master builder, Mayor of Darwin, and patron of the NT Rugby League Association. The Park is also associated with a number of other people that were Rugby League players, coaches and administrators from the 1960s through to the early 2000s.

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Last updated: 04 November 2019


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