NT Heritage Council

The Northern Territory Heritage Council operates under the Heritage Act 2011.

What the council does

The functions of the Heritage Council are set out in the Heritage Act 2011.

It meets at least four times a year.

The Act requires that the Council produce an annual report every year. Go to publications to read the reports.


The Heritage Council has 11 members. Six are appointed by the Minister at their discretion.

The other five are made up of:

  • the CEO, or a nominee of the CEO, of the Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture
  • a nominee from the National Trust
  • a nominee from the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA)
  • a nominee from an organisation representing the interests of local government
  • a nominee from an organisation representing the interests of land owners.

At least two of the council's members must be of Aboriginal descent.

Current members

  • Wayne Kraft, chairperson
  • Tim Dixon, National Trust of Australia, Northern Territory
  • Allison Bitar, Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority
  • Damien Ryan, Local Government Association of the NT
  • Allan Garraway, Property Council of Australia (NT)
  • Alex Nelson
  • Karen Martin-Stone
  • Dr Ilka Schacht
  • Eddie Webber
  • Trish Angus


Heritage Council
PO Box 4198
Darwin NT 0801

Last updated: 10 May 2019