Manton Dam Recreation Area Reopens for Boating & Fishing

The Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT (PWCNT) advise the dam at Manton Dam Recreation Area will reopen for boating and fishing from 9am Thursday 10 November 2016.

PWCNT District Manager Nigel Weston said the dam remains closed to all other recreational activities including swimming and water skiing while spotlight crocodile surveys continue.

“The Manton Dam Recreational Area is open for day use activities such as picnics and bird watching,” Mr Weston said.

“The PWCNT Crocodile Management team and park rangers have undertaken nightly spotlight surveys for the past five nights following the sighting of an estimated 2.5 metre to 3 metre saltwater crocodile last Friday, 4 November.

“Eye shines and big splashes were seen over the weekend with a 1.5 metre saltwater crocodile sighted on Sunday evening.

“Public safety is our number one priority and PWCNT rangers will continue the spotlight surveys for a further five nights commencing Monday 14 November 2016.

“After five nights of surveys the crocodiles tend to get spooked and get wary of the survey boat, so we will cease the surveys until next week to increase our chances of detection.”

The sighting is a timely reminder to Be Crocwise in and around Top End waters at all times and PWCNT thanks the public for their patience during this important survey work.

Members of the public are urged to report any suspected saltwater crocodile sightings to the Crocodile Management Unit on 0419 822 859. BE CROCWISE and remember that croc danger is real, so don’t risk your life. For more information visit

For up to date information regarding access to parks and reserves administered by the PWCNT visit