Hop to the Alice Springs Desert Park to celebrate with the Easter Bilby


The Alice Springs Desert Park is celebrating an extra-special Easter this weekend following the birth of a young female bilby.

The Bilby was welcomed to the team around 13 March and has since gone on display with her mother at the Desert Park – although still a little shy.

To help celebrate the birth and the Easter Bilby, the Alice Springs Desert Park is hosting a number of exciting events over the four day holiday period from Friday 14 to Monday 19 April. Children can hop into the Bilby Burrow between 9am and 11am to take part in Easter Craft and Story Time, a special Bilby and Friends in the nocturnal house at 12.30pm, and of course – an Easter egg hunt daily at 1pm.

Alice Springs Desert Park Director Paul AhChee said he was thrilled with the timing of the new Bilby and its connection to the important Save the Bilby Cause.

“The Alice Springs Desert Park is strongly involved in the national bilby breeding program. Bilby joeys bred at the Desert Park this year are destined for release into a predator-proof area at the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Mt Gibson property in Western Australia.

 “Since the introduction of feral animals to Central Australia, the bilby population has been reduced to a critical level so it’s a timely opportunity for us to learn about the Bilby, and how we can help save the species.

“The mother and the baby bilby have been on display for a couple of days, and we have seen her venture out of her burrow so there is a really great chance our guests will be able to spot her," Mr AhChee said.

The new Bilby follows a successful breeding program last year.  The young bilby joins two iconic bilbies close to the Desert Park’s heart named Kessing and Johnson.  Friends of the Desert Park volunteers were invited to name the twins born in late 1996.  Kessing after local author and illustrator Kaye Kessing who was involved in artwork displayed throughout the Desert Park.  Johnson named after Dr Ken Johnson known for his time working with Aboriginal people to bring Mala and Bilby back from the brink of extinction, and later in his career played an integral part in the evolution of the Alice Springs Desert Park and Desert Knowledge movement.

Entry fees apply.  If you are a local you can purchase a Territorian Pass to receive unlimited entry over 12 months.

The Desert Park is open seven days a week, 7.30am to 6pm including Good Friday.

For more information visit www.alicespringsdesertpark.com.au or follow the Desert Park on Facebook.

Baby Bilby born on 13 March 2017 at the Alice Springs Desert Park

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