Northern Territory Archives Launches Online Oral History Search


More than 2000 oral history interviews of Territorians can now be searched online with computer and mobile devices.

The Northern Territory Archives Service (NTAS) Oral History program collects and preserves oral histories that represent the depth and breadth of Northern Territory history for research purposes.

The oral history collection has grown to over 2000 interviews since its inception in 1979. It includes oral histories collected by the NTAS, individual researchers and community heritage groups using oral history as part of their own projects.

Interviews have been collected from people of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of the Northern Territory itself.

Topics covered by the collection include the Second World War, Aboriginal history and culture, the public service, the pastoral industry, the development of regional centres, immigration, life in Territory towns as well as remote or isolated settlements, sport and the arts.

The new Oral History Search allows users to search via keyword or name to find interviews relevant to their research and family history. Summaries of the interviews can be read online.

Robyn Smith, heritage consultant, and regular visitor to Archives, said: “This is a fabulous online facility.

“My first search resulted in 21 relevant hits. I narrowed that down to inspect 10 transcripts from which I extracted seven records. It doesn’t get much better than that.

“It was quick, efficient and highly rewarding.”

Oral History Search allows for online searching which formerly could only be done by visiting the NTAS.

Having the service available over the internet makes this unique collection available to a global audience.

The Oral History Search allows advanced search functions and has links to further information about the interviews.

Oral history interviews in full can be accessed and listened to, through the Reading Rooms of the Northern Territory Archives Service in Darwin and Alice Springs. Email, with your request.

To access the new Oral History Search go to

For more information and help with using the online Oral History Search visit our website

For more information about the Oral History Unit visit the Northern Territory Archives Service website

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