After Dark in the Park

October school holiday fun and excitement returns to the Alice Springs Telegraph Station, with this year’s free After Dark in the Park activity.

Parks and Wildlife Commission NT (PWCNT) community engagement officer, Susie Armes, said After Dark in the Park is a great way for families to have fun together and find out what goes on at the Telegraph Station each night.

“Some of our special, secretive and creepy critters come out and about at night and we’re giving you the chance to find them,” Ms Armes said.

“So grab your torch and join the Rangers on a night walk in the park as we meet and greet a variety of nocturnal species, learn some handy spotlight techniques and find out more about the nocturnal animals in your own backyard.

“Following the recent rains nocturnal creatures you might encounter include the White-striped freetail bat Astronomus australis or Spencer's Burrowing frog Platyplectrum spenceri.

“With a torch in hand, and quiet underfoot, we might even be able to spy mammals such as the Black-footed Rock Wallabies Petrogale lateralis, Euros Macropus robustus and Dingoes Canis lupus.

“The warmer weather could bring out reptiles like skinks and geckos and much, much more.”

Anyone wanting to participate in either the Wednesday 5 October or Thursday 6 October free spotlight walk are urged to contact Ms Armes on 89518247 or email in advance to make a booking as numbers are limited.

Participants need to bring along a torch or spotlight, insect repellent, wear appropriate clothing and wear safe and comfortable footwear.

After dark in the Park