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We provide a wide range of grants and other forms of support for businesses, community organisations and individuals.

Effective 1 July 2019, all DTSC grants will be made available into a the new grants management system called GrantsNT.

Applicants will need to register a stakeholder profile on this new platform.

As GrantsNT is a new system we recommend you create your individual and organisation profile now.

Simply visit where you will find how to videos and guides to assist you.

During the transition phase, please continue to use the below links as per normal.

Arts and culture

History and heritage

  • Heritage Grants
    To encourage appropriate conservation work to privately-owned heritage places.
  • History Grants
    To encourage and support original research about Northern Territory history, and broaden the resources available in this field, for the community to access and engage with.
  • Regional Museums
    To assist local museums or other organisations committed to the preservation of cultural heritage to develop programs, design and construct displays, manage their collections, acquire relevant skills and enhance the presentation and preservation of local heritage.

Sport and recreation

  • Grass Roots
    For organisations to provide opportunities to participate in sport and active recreation; and strengthen the capability of sport and active recreation organisations to deliver programs.
  • Learn to Swim Vouchers
    For young children aged up to five years.
  • NTIS Athlete Scholarships
    To help offset costs involved with scholarship, training and competition commitments.
  • NTIS Coach Scholarships
    To help offset costs involved in learning and development commitments.
  • Urgent Funding
    For unforeseeable bone fide expenses, opportunities which need immediate funding or activities which do not fit in other DSRR funding programs.
  • Remote Sport Program
    To fund sport and recreational activities in remote areas of the NT.
  • Sport Voucher Scheme
    The Sport Voucher Scheme assists with the cost of children getting involved in sport, recreation and cultural activities.


  • Visitor Experience Enhancement Program
    Grants for tourism businesses and operators to improve tourism experiences, facilities and attractions. The program is part of the Turbocharging Tourism stimulus package.


  • Production Finance
    Screen Territory will contribute to production finance of screen projects with significant Northern Territory content in order to build the capacity of the Territory screen industry as well as raise the profile of the Territory and Territory storytelling.
  • Industry Development
    Industry development programs support Northern Territory screen practitioners who are at mid or advanced career level to gain further professional experience under the guidance of highly experienced practitioners, or through targeted events and initiatives.
  • Travel Support
    Travel programs support experienced Territory practitioners to maintain their skills, grow their networks and develop their project slates by contributing towards the costs of travel to relevant markets, conferences, and skills development opportunities held intra-Territory, interstate or internationally.
  • Audience Development
    Audience Development funding aims to provide opportunities for Northern Territory audiences and Territory screen practitioners to engage with and experience quality screen content and innovative practice.
  • Career Development
    To identify emerging talent and establish career pathways through internships and mentoring to encourage the next generation to remain in the NT.
  • NT Enterprise Grant Fund
    Northern Territory Enterprise Grant Fund expands Screen Territory’s support for NT screen industry businesses and practitioners by funding their development, the development of the screen content they produce, and the NT industry.

NTMEC Funding Opportunities

These grants are offered by the Northern Territory Major Events Company.

  • Community Festivals Funding
    This grant of up to $30,000 provides support festivals and events that make the Territory a more enjoyable place to live in, and reveal the Territory's rich histories and cultures.
  • Event Development Funding
    This grant of $30,000 to $250,000 aims to help improve visitor experience at a new or existing event through new program elements or improvements.
  • Marketing Funding
    This grant of up to $30,000 provides funds to market an existing event to an interstate and/or international audience.
  • Strategic Development Funding
    This grant of up to $30,000 can be used with an event development professional to work on a once-off project to review event plans and improve documentation.

Last updated: 06 November 2019


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