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11 May 2020

Ever seen a scorpion under UV light? Join resident bug expert Nick as he explains why he loves scorpions so much.

Aquarium tunnel

24 April 2020

Submerge yourself in the park’s aquarium as Shael feeds barra, catfish and some their two little whip rays.

Wallaby and Wallaroo

16 April 2020

Hop on over to the wallaby and wallaroo enclosure and listen to Sarah while she feeds the park’s macropods.

Gouldian finch

15 April 2020

Kate heads over to the park’s monsoon forest section to give a talk about the famously elusive gouldian finch.

Water buffalo

14 April 2020

Join Will the keeper and Dennis the water buffalo and see how they feed, train and take care of Dennis and his herd.

Rufous owl

9 April 2020

Go behind the scenes at the park’s flight deck with Jess and Ruby the rufous owl.

Barramundi and whip rays

6 April 2020

Take a dip with Mark and hear the boofs of the barra, the spits of the Archer fish, and the waves from the whip rays.


6 April 2020

Visit the park’s billabong and watch keeper Kim feed the beautiful pelicans and maybe even a cheeky whistling kite.

Sugar gliders

6 April 2020

Take a trip to the nocturnal house and watch Fiona and Nick show off the park’s sugar glider experience

Last updated: 11 May 2020

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