Creative Industries Sector Immediate Response and Resilience Program (CISIRR)

What is the Creative Industries Sector Immediate Response and Resilience Program?

This funding package includes $1 million for the NT arts sector and a further $1 million for the NT screen sector to provide support for the creative industries through a range of programs to help artists, arts workers, arts organisations and screen practitioners.

Where has the funding come from?

The $2 million was identified from within the Department’s existing budget to provide practical and immediate support to the arts and screen sectors in response to COVID-19. The Regional Stimulus Grant program Round 5 was suspended and other activities delayed, so funds have been re-directed to provide continuity and immediate support to the creative industries sector.

I already have an open grant, can I apply for a new one without acquitting first?

If the due date for reporting is pending, applicants will be able to apply for CISIRR Program grants.

Any applicant or administrative bodies that have outstanding acquittals should contact Arts NT, who will work with you to resolve any outstanding acquittal issues and to support where possible, access to the CISIRR Program grants.

Grant recipients may seek a variation to the purpose and timeline of their activity if it has been impacted by COVID-19. The variation request will be subject to approval by the funding agency.

Applicants with outstanding acquittals or who were in breach of their funding agreements prior to COVID-19 will be required to acquit their funding before they will be eligible for further grants.

Why are the application open and close times are quite short?

The grant administration and application process has been simplified and timelines reduced to provide support for artists, arts workers and arts organisation projects as quickly as possible.

How has the application process been simplified?

The process has a simplified application on Grants NT which includes:

  • a reduced number of questions and information required by applicants;
  • no requirement for quotes or letters of support;
  • subject to funding level, a Letter of Agreement will be issued; and
  • reduced requirement for audited financial reports.

How has the assessment process been simplified? Will it still be fair and transparent?

The assessment and approval process will ensure accountable, fair and transparent decision making, to minimise potential arts sector conflicts of interest and timely decision making. Industry peers from Arts NT’s Register of Peers will assist in the assessment process.

If I apply for and receive a CISIRR Program grant can I still apply for and receive a federal grant?

It is anticipated that federal funding would still be accessible, however it is recommended that you refer to the relevant grant guidelines for clarification.

I already have an e-commerce site, can I still apply for the Digital Adaptation Program and use it to grow my e-commerce site?

Yes – the purpose of the grant is to enable artists and organisations to explore new ways, including improving existing approaches, to increase engagement with communities and showcase their work. The grants are not retrospective and must fund new activities and works.

How many applications can I make?

Multiple applications per project from one applicant will not be accepted. However, you are able to apply across each of the program categories for different projects, but you will be required to prioritise applications, to ensure equitable distribution of funds across the sector and regions.

Last updated: 06 April 2020

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