Public access to records

The Northern Territory Archives Service (NTAS) manages, preserves and provides access to Northern Territory (NT) archives. 

Archives advice numbers one to six have more information about access procedures. Go to archives management standards for more information.

Under the Northern Territory Information Act, public sector organisations must transfer their records to the NTAS no later than 30 years after the record was created. 

Most government archives enter an open access period. This is an access agreement between the NTAS and the controlling agency so archives are accessible 30 years after the record was created.

An access agreement negotiated between the NTAS and the Department of the Chief Minister provides for an annual opening of Cabinet submissions and decisions (NTRS 2575) and the Executive Council meeting papers (NTRS 3351) 30 years after the records creation.

These records can be accessed by appointment in the reading room of the Northern Territory Archives Centre.

Last updated: 24 March 2020

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