Fannie Bay Gaol

Fannie Bay Gaol Conservation Works

As part of the overall Museum Master Plan the Fannie Bay Gaol will be undergoing conservation works till June 2018. Opened in 1883 the historic site will receive important works to preserve our history and for future generations of Territorians and with thousands of visitors each year it is imperative that the works preserve the façade of the buildings also.

Works will include:

  • General Landscaping where stormwater has undermined concrete slabs and pathways, preventing breakage and eliminate water pooling around structures. Any pathways will be repaired to ensure ease of access to visitors and reduce trip hazards.
  • Infirmary – Built 1887, is where the gallows were housed at one end with a steel cage to hold prisoners due for execution at the other. Works will include taking 4 samples of mortar to have them analysed for composition, the repointing of stonework, removal of steel bars, corrosion and the repair of cracked or broken stones by injecting lime mortar or using an epoxy cement tinted with crushed stone to match the colour of the existing structure. The Infirmary will also have the gallows mechanism treated. Any missing nuts will be replaced and timber work to the trapdoor and hanging beam will be oiled.
  • Maximum security cell block A & B – Built 1883, will receive work on the interior and exterior including removing paint from the western facing external wall to expose the original stone work. The internal areas of the cells will have the doors and hinges serviced so that operation is smoother. The smallest of detail is important to the conservation works with old padlocks to be refurbished, made operational and have new keys cut for them also. Even the hand basin will be removed, re-enamelled and replaced into its original position.
  • Guard house No. 3 – Built in 1975, will receive some much needed maintenance to the metal cladding, louvers and galleries as well as extinguishing some uninvited guests with the removal and treatment of termite mounds and trails, inside and outside of the guard house.

Further information about the works being conducted

Download the improving thermal comfort document.
PDF (4.9 MB)

Download the full conservation document here. PDF (3.4 MB)

Open areas during works

Works will be completed in three stages. Only the area undergoing conservation will be closed to the public with the other two areas remaining open.

Last updated: 10 December 2019

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