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On 7 September 2020, the Chief Minister announced a new Ministry and Machinery of Government changes which altered the Department’s structure and reporting lines.

The Department of Tourism Sport and Culture’s divisions will join with other departments as follows:

  • Arts, Galleries and Strategic Services division and Heritage, Libraries and Sport division will join the new Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities with Ken Davies as CEO.
  • Parks and Wildlife will join the new Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security with Jo Townsend as CEO.
  • Tourism and Events will join the new Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade with Shaun Drabsch as CEO.

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More about Parks and Wildlife Division

Protect and provide access to the Territory’s assets so they are available now and for future generations.

Grow partnerships, ownership and stewardship in our assets.

Raise awareness and engagement with our assets.

Develop existing locations and identify new locations to provide for new or improved service provision, experiences and activities.

More about Heritage, Libraries and Sport Division

Encourage communities to engage and participate in activities we provide or facilitate.

Strengthen our relationships with the community and grow strategic partnerships at all levels.

Develop and deliver quality programs and initiatives to support life-long learning and quality of life.

Support and encourage capacity development of Territorians.

Preserving, promoting and providing access to the Territory’s heritage assets and historical documentary.

More about Tourism and Events Division

Grow visitation by promoting diverse and sustainable visitor experiences.

Actively work with local business and industry partners to strengthen their capacity and capability.

Support the investment in relevant infrastructure to maximise improved experiences for visitors.

More about Arts, Galleries and Strategic Services Division

Support development of the screen, arts and cultural sectors to facilitate sustainability and growth.

Facilitate continuous corporate improvement, accountability and excellence.

Provide strategic and governance leadership.

Support achievement of high level financial performance and outcomes.

Strengthen business service functions, governance and organisational performance.

Enable delivery of key strategic priorities and across government projects.

Strategic and operational plans

Tourism and Culture Strategic Plan 2017-2020 PDF (1.0 MB)

Tourism NT Operational Plan 2018-2019

Tourism Industry Strategy 2030

Annual reports









To access previous annual reports, email the department on communications.dtsc@nt.gov.au or call (08) 8999 3854.

Our Ministers

Hon. Natasha Fyles - Minister for Tourism and Hospitality, the Minister for Major Events

Hon. Selena Uibo - Minister for Parks and Rangers

Hon. Chansey Paech - Minister for Arts and Culture

Hon. Kate Worden – Minister for Sport.

Last updated: 08 December 2020

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